Saturday, February 16, 2013

What do we have in this box?

Good morning Latin America and good day rest of the world,

Today, as every good start, I cleaned up my desktop, installed a Google calendar and condemned myself to a regular weekly task on Wednesday morning of catching up with the “minor to-do-list”, how I call it. In concrete words it means: clean up desk, desktop and do all the small activities I have been avoiding the other days… I will so hate this date!
But happily, happily: today is Saturday. So for the moment I am safe.

Next I am doing is starting with a list on all the things I want to write about. It turns out to be a quiet mixed box of non-related topics. Like in a fruit and vegetable salad – just about everything is thrown inside. Let’s see what at the end stays. But what I want to do for sure is document the processes on writing itself, like in a scientist’s diary. I will try to figure out a methodology on how to keep writing every day and start improving the quality and originality of the texts and thoughts. In fact, I am guided by my belief that most of the things in life can be related to jogging. When you never went for a run, or when you stopped with it for a long time, you feel insecure about even being able to stick to the purpose of running regularly. But everything is possible. I had a personal trainer once – not a paid one, but an expert on this field anyways – and he told me, the trick is starting very, very small. If you push yourself by trying to jump on bigger steps, then your brain registers stress and you might feel like a hero after the first session, but your body will remember and try to skip the next sessions whenever possible and sabotage you from inside.

I haven’t been writing regularly in years. So starting with a short idea every 1 to 3 days, even if it is just a thought of two lines, should be an acceptable small step goal.

And now, I stop theorizing about writing. Because as I learned from the Christmas hang out sessions for SME offered by Franck Scipion last December: “How can you theorise about something you have no clue of?”

Good day and high morals for your goals!

Hangout-session for SME (in spanish): hangout: formación SME


  1. Its good to read something like this. because its just a random talks. which is sometimes better to unleash the blocked side of brain.


  2. I am curious to follow the journey. It's always wonderful to follow one's dreams. I wish you much fun and hopefully success,too, on this path. Just trying to remember if and what I had been dreaming when I was 8 years old and I feel irritated that nothing comes to my mind (yet). Allow me a short technical comment: as lovely the background picture is, it makes reading slightly difficult - at least for those with half blind and computer-tired eyes ;-) Good luck and courage for the next steps. Mariam